Zero Nuclear Weapons event poster

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Zero Nuclear Weapons

Public Forum
November 13 and 14, 2009
Toronto, Canada

After the event...
let's keep making Zero Nuclear Weapons a success!


Be sure to listen to or download the audio and video files, which cover the entire 9 1/2 hours of presentations, questions, answers, and discussion at the event. Audio is played via an internal html5 Javascript player, while video is hosted on YouTube and embedded here. Both types of media are fully viewable to either Flash or non-Flash enabled devices.

The Flash-compatible slideshow on our arguments page (which contains only copyright-free images and is itself open-source) can be downloaded or linked to here.

Metta Spencer's post-event report for Peace Magazine is available as a 6-page PDF offprint here.

You can also see our position papers and other documents here.

Press enquiries

Media enquiries are welcome at any time. Contact Metta Spencer by email or by telephone at 416-789-2294.