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Zero Nuclear Weapons

Public Forum
November 13 and 14, 2009
Toronto, Canada


Metta Spencer's Peace Magazine report on the Zero Nuclear Weapons event is now available in HTML on the magazine's website or in PDF here.

Position papers and backgrounders

  1. Mayors for Peace (added 2009/11/08)
  2. Canadian Pugwash Group NATO brief [PDF] (added 2009/11/09)
  3. Adele Buckley: Nuclear Renaissance - Verification of Performance (added 2009/11/09)
  4. Douglas Roche, O.C.: Arousing and Sustaining Political Will (added 2009/11/09)
  5. Derek Paul: Naval Arms (added 2009/11/10)
  6. Metta Spencer: Nuclear Weapons, A Science for Peace Dialogue (added 2009/11/10)
  7. Michael Wallace and Steven Staples: Remarks on an Arctic Nuclear Weapons Free Zone (added 2009/11/18)
  8. Ernie Regehr, O.C.: Notes on key challenges to reaching zero nuclear weapons (added 2009/11/20)
  9. Adele Buckley: Future of the Arctic [PowerPoint presentation, embedded as Flash] (added 2009/11/21)